Designer Talks Podcast

Designer Talks podcast Ep. 3 - Raymond Turner FCSD

August 03, 2021 Chartered Society of Designers Season 1 Episode 3
Designer Talks Podcast
Designer Talks podcast Ep. 3 - Raymond Turner FCSD
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Show Notes

Designer Talks podcast asking designers, how they do it, why they do it and what makes them tick and what design means to them, hosted and produced by Lefteris Heretakis aCSDf.

Raymond Turner FCSD has been described as ‘a thought leader’ (Sean McNulty, Chairman, Dolmen-design and innovation, Ireland); ‘a design legend’ (Clive Grinyer, Director of Customer Experience, Barclays Bank, UK); ‘an inspiration and mentor to many’ (James Berry, Director, Woods Bagot Architecture, UK); ‘one of the few who have dominated the profession of Design Management’ (the late Peter Gorb, Life Fellow of the DMI and Professor of London Business School); and having had ‘an illustrious career in design, design management and design leadership’ (Robert Blaich, former Design Director, Philips, USA).

He is an internationally recognised authority on the strategic value of design leadership and management to business, government and society. Practical commercial experience of working in this area has been the focus of his career as a designer, design manager, consultant and corporate design director.

His practical experience, and innate interpersonal and communication skills, enabled him to work successfully with large corporations and small to medium size businesses across a wide range of industries. These include transportation, construction and real estate development, local and national government, city planning, public broadcasting, banking and health insurance, industrial and domestic product manufacturing. His ability to work with multidisciplinary teams enables clients to maximise design effectiveness within strict financial and time constraints.

He is one of the few design professionals who has held senior posts on both sides of the client-designer divide. Raymond was Design Director of two companies, London Transport, the provider of public transport services in the capital, and BAA, the world’s largest privately owned airport company. He has also been Managing Director of two international multidisciplinary design consultancies, Kilkenny Design in Ireland and Wolff Olins in London, UK.

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